Within the next decade, 75% of the workforce will be members of the Millennial generation; How to empower them

May 2014 bring you and yours a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!    2013 certainly proved to be an exciting and productive year for the imaging channel and no doubt we moved the meter on MPS,  IT/VAR,  Managed Services and the conventional business and I am betting on 2014 being an even bigger and better year for all of us!

MWAi took the initiative in 2013 to launch our MWAi FORZA/SAP Business One product suite and we are grateful for those who joined us.   We are equally grateful for those who will be joining us on this path to “dealer empowerment” with the FORZA product and all of our great Technology United Partners!       We have come a long way and we are excited and eager to ring in  New Year!

One big reason for our excitement is the strength,  commitment and power of SAP’s long term vision and dedication to the current and future state of innovation.   Take a look at this short clip from SAP’s  CEO,  Mr.  Bill McDermott and ya just have to like what Bill has to say.   We have so much more to come as a result of the MWAi relationship with SAP and with your patience and support you are going to see something remarkable happen.

Within the next decade, 75% of the workforce will be members of the Millennial generation. No single trend has a greater impact on business, government or the role of technology in the world. SAP Co-CEO Bill McDermott calls millennials the “next greatest generation” and urges businesses to empower the generation to do incredible things. Before his keynote address at the 2013 NVTC TechCelebration banquet, Bill McDermott explains the importance of engaging the millennial generation now.