World Blood Donor Day: ecoprintQ Donates Blood! (Wearing a What’s Happenin Hat!)

On Friday, June 14th, ecoprintQ hosted a blood drive. The big red bus came to our office where ecoprintQ, as well as the offices in our building, signed up to donate blood. Greeted by an incredible staff the process was simple and quick. ecoprintQ’s marketing manager, Dianna was the first one up!

Calm, cool and collected through the process when asked why she chose to donate blood, Dianna simply said, “I know what’s it’s like to need blood, so this is my way of giving back and helping others who need it.”

While donating, the staff talked us through the process a bit as well reasons why people should donate. While needles can be a bit scary, the fear is nothing compared to the feeling you get knowing you could be saving a life. Here are 3 things to know about donating blood:

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