Xerox Donates a Color 800 Printing Press to Graphic Communication Department at Cal Poly

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif.—July 29, 2015—Xerox has donated a printing press to Cal Poly’s Graphic Communication Department.

Xerox installed a Xerox Color 800 press with the Xerox EX Print Server, Powered by Fiery, a high-capacity press that prints at 80 pages/min. It includes a variety of finishing options, such as stacking, trimming, punching and booklet making, and a fifth dry ink station, at which Cal Poly will use Xerox Clear Dry Ink to add new dimensions to output using spot, flood or textured effects.

The Color 800 is being used to produce output for student design projects, publishing endeavors, papers and displays in the Graphic Communication Department.

“Students will be exposed to the latest technologies and workflows, giving them practical hands-on experience that will make them more employable and sought after by graphic communication companies throughout the U.S. and beyond,” remarked Gina Testa, Xerox vice president of marketing in the U.S. graphic communications industry.

For Xerox, the investment in Cal Poly students is an investment in the future. “Xerox has a longstanding history of supporting the graphic communication industry and marketplace and encouraging and engaging the next generation in the use of digital printing technologies and solutions,” Testa explained.

Cal Poly values its partnership with Xerox and all it has provided to the program and its students. “It is great to have this level of technology on our production floor. The quality is spectacular, and the students find the workflow to be simple yet powerful,” said Ken Macro, chair of the Graphic Communication Department. “The students are highly engaged in designing output using the Xerox Clear Dry Ink technology and hope to further explore variable data printing projects using the machine.”

About Xerox
Xerox is a global business services, technology and document management company, helping organizations manage their business processes and information. Headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut, Xerox has more than 130,000 employees and does business in more than 180 countries. It provides business process services, printing equipment, hardware and software technology for managing information — from data to documents.

About Cal Poly’s Graphic Communication Department
Cal Poly’s Graphic Communication Department is one of the best-known and largest programs of its kind in the Western U.S. The department is home to more than 33,000 square feet of laboratories filled with cutting-edge equipment donated in large part through industry partnerships. The department serves approximately 300 undergraduate students pursuing a degree in graphic communication with emphases in four focus areas. The department also offers a new Master of Science degree program in printed electronics and functional imaging. The department is nationally accredited by the Accrediting Council for Collegiate Graphic Communications.