Y Soft SafeQ 6 – What you need to know

Recently, week we introduced a new version of YSoft SafeQ. In this new version, something big happened: YSoft SafeQ became a platform. The article behind the link explains why we think it is a big deal. This major upgrade also includes a lot of new features that are consistent with YSoft SafeQ’s value proposition: improving employee productivity, increasing document security and reducing costs.

Highlights of the new YSoft SafeQ:

  • Document capture and workflow. YSoft SafeQ has always had scanning capabilities – enabling scans to be automatically sent to a networked folder, email address or to other locations via customized scripts. Now with the Core Workflow module (previously called Scan Management), document capture includes workflows to accurately capture data and automatically deliver it to SharePoint or Dropbox for Business. Advanced Workflows include optical character recognition technology and optional add-on connectors to deliver to other types of 3rd party systems.
  • Client Based Print Roaming. Building upon our pull-print feature, CBPR handles the complex print tasks locally on the client eliminating costly servers. CBPR also means less servers and original Offline Remote Spoolers can be used together in one installation. Two to four times less servers helps reduce the overall cost of print service costs.
  • Multitenancy. Companies that host print infrastructure services for several companies can use one instance of YSoft SafeQ to manage multiple customers with secure data isolation. This helps reduce print service costs even further
  • Mobile application. Sometimes the cost of a print device is so inexpensive it doesn’t have a UI panel and it is hard to justify using an external terminal. But still, you want the device to be part of centralized print management. The new YSoft Mobile Terminal is an iOS and Android app that gives the functionality of an embedded terminal in the user’s mobile device. And, by using QRC codes, the app knows which device is being used so that finishing options can be applied. The app works across multiple brands of printers.
  • New administrator dashboard. This new version of YSoft SafeQ was built practically from the ground up. So we took the opportunity to create a modern administrative dashboard that is customizable.

There is a lot more to say about the new YSoft SafeQ. Start learning more by visiting the YSoft SafeQ 6 web page.

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