Customer Friction & the Flywheel: Delighting Your Customer in 2018

One of the great industry blogs out there is the GreatAmerica blog where employees take turns on a regular basis providing articles on a variety of topics. What’s really nice is the articles are not self serving and rarely mention GreatAmerica, but rather, they simply discuss different issues in business, ranging from hiring to leasing to sales advise. Here’s an article by Josie Heskje discussing customer friction and how you can delight and make them happy.

By Josie Heskje, GreatAmerica – I recently attended Hubspot Inbound 2018, which is like the Lollapalooza of marketing. This year, a record 24,000 attendees flooded the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center to get inspired, network and learn how to grow their businesses via sales and marketing—specifically digital, inbound sales and marketing. It’s been fun to see office equipment dealers attend the conference each of the three years I’ve been there. It’s a sign to me that our office equipment industry understands it needs to evolve—including how we interact with prospects and customers in the digital era. Before I highlight a few takeaways from this year’s Inbound conference, let me review what ‘inbound’ even means and why office technology dealers are paying attention to it.

So What Is Inbound Anyway?

Traditional marketing efforts have mainly included mediums such as print ads, TV and radio commercials. This is outbound marketing. With those mediums, we blast out a message and hope to reach a portion of our target audience. Today, internet and digital technologies have changed everything. On average, customers are nearly 60% of the way through the purchase decision-making process before contacting a sales rep. Buyers search the internet to find answers to their questions and our companies want to be the ones found when they do this. Herein enters “inbound” marketing.

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